UpakNShip Named eBay Shine Awards Finalist 2018 EveryDay Heroes

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Here’s My eBay Small Business Success Story

Wanting to provide additional income to her family, Cori built a successful online packaging business that has allowed her to directly impact an issue that is affecting millions of Americans.

Why should we vote for you OR Why do you deserve this award?

From the start, I have made eBay a part of everything I do. eBay allowed me to stay home and raise my kids, as was my desire while being able to support them. As life happened, eBay gave me a voice through my store to publicly support the causes that matter to me. eBay Government Relations works hard to be a voice for small business and they include me in their fight to protect the livelihoods of each and every one of their sellers. As my family was hit with some of the most devastating of realities, eBay was there to help me tell my story so that I can be a voice for so many hurting people. And as I sought solutions, eBay was there to provide a whole new opportunity for my non-profit to earn every penny of revenues since eBay waives all selling fees on our 100% for charity store. This very revenue will be what pays for our residential recovery program for those who have no other means. And of course, every penny awarded for my entry is going directly to my nonprofit, Recovery Road Ministries.

Share a fun fact about yourself/your business.

I was the first to bring the colored poly mailer to market, starting with pink and blue. About a year later, I invented the “designer” decorative poly mailer which has entirely transformed the shipping supply industry making a custom looking shipment the main stay for the average eBay seller.

How has selling on eBay contributed to your success?

I learned through working with eBay that if I put myself out there by making my ideas known, even to those who may seem so much bigger than me, people are very receptive and want to help work toward mutual success. Often times, “regular people” don’t realize how much influence they can have on politicians, executives and major corporations such as eBay. I have learned to never be afraid to ask for and pursue what I want in life.

Where does the inspiration for your business come from?

The inspiration for my business 100 percent comes from every mom just like me who either has children to raise alone, disabled adult children that need constant care, or simply needing the added income to supplement their families’ livelihood. These are my people. I am for them. I want to make everything they ship a little more special.

How has selling on eBay impacted your life?

I grew up believing that if I did not go to college I would never make anything of myself. I am such an entirely out of the box thinker that I struggled doing things somebody else’s way and thus dropped out of college. I found eBay and that challenged me to persevere on my own and live a life that reaches far beyond anything I ever dreamed of, and I have always been a dreamer.

How has eBay allowed you to give back to the charity, community, or cause you are passionate about?

eBay gives us the ability to say I support this charity and why. It is like holding a sign and saying I am for Addiction Recovery. I could easily support my cause privately but instead eBay gives me the ability to say, who’s with me? The answer comes as one person after another messages or comments in gratitude for my support of the very thing that has utterly changed their life. And together we are stronger. And the most amazing part? eBay lets me do it all for free right there on their platform because they support whatever I support by waiving their selling fees!Vote for us daily until July 18, 2018!

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